The Female Founder Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year, for indulging in the things we love and gifting to the ones near & dearest to us. Holiday shopping is no easy feat, especially as a conscious consumer. As a female founded business, we want to highlight and support some of our favorite fellow women-run companies. Here are some of our top picks and some special discounts too! 

1- Malibu Made Body Scrub 

Kicking off the list, is C & The Moon’s very own Malibu Made Body Scrub. This gift is fitting for anyone and everyone in your life in need of an incredibly relaxing, skin-softening shower. The luscious body scrub is made with brown sugar to gently exfoliate skin, along with certified-organic oils and vanilla leaving you deeply moisturized. Behind the scrub, is founder Carson Meyer who created her first skin care products straight out of her kitchen in Malibu. 

2- Birth Blessing Candle 

Speaking of candles, one of the most thoughtful gifts for the expecting mother in your life is our birth blessing candle. It’s adorned with rose quartz crystal and handmade with notes of vanilla and coconut. It’s the perfect present for expecting mothers and a great gift for their community of loved ones to honor the family as they embark on the journey of parenthood. 

3- Freda Salvador Slippers

Frēda Salvador was founded by two best friends Cristina Palomo Nelson and Megan Papay, and they’re redefining modern feminine style as we know it. Their footwear is designed in California and handmade in their family factories in Spain and El Salvador. Their JAMES slippers made it to the top of our list for the friend, lover or coworker in your life looking to reach peak at-home comfort. Their slippers are lined wit h ultra-soft shearing that’ll leave the gifted feeling as though they’re walking on clouds. The best part? You’re doing additional good with this purchase. With every slipper sale, Frēda will be donating a portion of proceeds towards the Continuing Education Fund of ¡Superaté! ADOC.  

4- Freda Salvador Ace Boot

In the words of Frēda, this next gift is a shoe you will NEVER take off. It is perfect for the non-stop women in your life who want both comfort and style. The  Ace Boot gives any and every look that effortlessly cool finish, and the mid-heel adds to everyday style and function.  

5- Iris & Romeo Makeup 

Iris & Romeo is the brainchild of Michele Gough Baril, the company was born from her belief that women can liberate themselves from outdated ideals and limited choices. Iris & Romeo makeup holds true to all-in-one design, juicy second-skin textures, and safer ingredients. Plus, we love their earth-friendly packaging. In the words of Michele herself, the spirit of a woman who is freely expressed and self-realized is TRUE beauty. (P.S. Everything is currently 25% off for holiday shopping!) 

6- One Sun Granola 

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the whole family? OneSun Granola is a healthy, happy, granola company based in Malibu and founded by Carson's mom Kelly! She moved to OneSun Farms and spent several years regenerating the soil before planting her first crop in 2020. Today, she brings forth to the world a product created with love and sourced with consciousness. You can’t go wrong with any of her delicious gluten & grain free options. 

7- Roe Caviar  

Continuing the gifting of good food, Roe Caviar is for the indulgent in your life. Harvested from a Northern Californian farm, ROE caviar is salted for one month to ensure freshness, while simultaneously enhancing and enriching its flavor. The end result is a caviar that is exceptionally fresh with buttery, briny and nutty undertones. Not to mention, a great source of Omegas. It’s beautifully presented in a gold-rimmed black tin within a timeless wood box. This gift offers enthusiasts a fun, fresh way to experience one of life’s great luxuries during the holiday season. 

8 - Sustainable Home 

Number eight on our gift guide is decor from SustainAble home goods. Yes, this may sound broad, but once your eyes land on everything they have to offer, you’ll understand. Currently, we’re in love with their modern art teardrop black clay pottery vase. These are one of a kind! The glossy appearance is achieved from polishing each piece before it dries with a quartz stone before firing. All craftsmanship is done by hand using only natural materials. LaToya Tucciarone is the founder of SustainAble Home Goods and Accessories, and you can read her story here

9- Jennifer Meyer Jewelry 

Fine jewelry made in Los Angeles, designed with love, created by hand and founded on the idea that jewelry could be more than an accessory. What more could you ask for? The Jennifer Meyer Collection, dubbed after the founder herself, was designed to become a seamless extension of those wearing it — a symbol of luck, celebration and love. Any unique item from her collection is perfect for the sister, girlfriend, fiance, mother, grandmother or aunt in your life. 

10- Les Jour

The gift that keeps on giving. Their oversized cardigan is our go-to for a busy work from home day or cozying up in the evening. And that’s how Les Jour was born, the idea sparked from quarantine and navigating our new everything-from-home reality. A few months of work from home, founder Phoebe Tonkin,  was wishing for a new uniform  — something chic enough for a Zoom meeting, comfy enough to wear during a 6-hour true crime binge watch in bed, and easy enough that you don’t have to think about. LESJOUR is our new uniform! 

11- Tayma Martins Dress

Tayma Martins is an aspiring ballerina, a published author, pianist and the designer behind some truly special dresses. Tayma spent the earliest years of her life living in the countryside, which inspires her aesthetic. Her love for flowers and pastels is very apparent in her collection, and they feel the way flowers do: simply beautiful. Right now at C & The Moon, we’re digging the Abigail Forget Me Not Blue dress, inspired by the prairie era of the 1970s. 

 12- Astra Shoes 

ASTARA, developed by Mariah K. Lyons, was born to ground earth healing into a modern, urban dwelling world. Lyons set out to fuse the luxury fashion market with wellness, blending higher consciousness concepts as well as local and sustainable manufacturing into the footwear world. All their shoes are made in Venice, CA. Our pick for this holiday season is ASTARA’s Sahara Rose Quartz Sandal. The Rose Quartz crystal is designed vertically toward the body, directing the loving energy upward toward the heart and circulating back down to the Earth.  

13- Angela Caglia Rose Quartz Face Mask 

Hollywood’s master esthetician, Angela Caglia, has a namesake luxury botanical skincare brand that brings the at home facial to a new level. Her one-of-a-kind rose quartz goddess face mask was inspired by the comfort of a weighted blanket and created to calm inflammation and acne. The mask is made up of over 350 premium-grade rose quartz stones, and naturally cools as soon as the stones come in contact with your skin. 

14 - Cava Terry Swim 

At C & The Moon, we’ve already got our eye out for warm weather in 2021. Whether you have a getaway post-pandemic planned, or are looking for an excuse to plan one, this swimsuit is everything! The Cava One Piece Terry comes in two brilliant colors, sage or indigo. The female founder behind the suit is Brittany Kozerski, former fashion editor & stylist. Every piece she makes is carefully crafted from luxe fabric to smooth and sculpt the body. Her collection is designed in NYC and made in LA. 

15 - The Little Market 

Last but not least, our final item of our female founders gift guide edit is The Little Markets’ blankets. The Little Market is founded by women for women. This non-profit organization sells products made by female artisans around the world offering them fair trade economic opportunities. The Pink Tassal Blanket, is great for for a beach adventure, picnic in the park or warming up at a drive-in movie. 

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