Four Common Misconceptions about Clean Beauty

1. "It's Hard to Find"

In a market dominated by conventional big-name brands, it can be overwhelming to navigate all the green-washing. Luckily, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has done the work for you - their Skin Deep Database rates over 92,000 personal care products based on their level of toxicity, and verifies over 2,000 as safe according to their strict scientific standards for transparency and health. You can search for a specific product, or browse product categories, online or on their app (where you can also scan products). Super easy!

2. "It's Not Safe for Sensitive Skin"

Our founder, Carson's, own personal experience with sensitive skin is what inspired C & The Moon. From contact dermatitis from harsh chemicals to eczema and skin allergies, finding harmony with her skin is what lead her to turn to clean and organic ingredients that soothe the skin. As a Birth Doula, she also formulates with ingredients that are safe for the most sensitive times of pregnancy and postpartum. For example, ingredients like jojoba oil and coconut oil are known to be anti-inflammatory to soothe irritated skin.

3. "It's Just a Fad"

It might be easy to brush off clean beauty as "not necessary," or the "latest fad." But this is far from the truth. Clean skincare is important not only for what we put in and on our bodies, it's also about what is getting flushed down the shower and going into our environment. The skin, our largest organ, communicates with us and is taking in information from the world around it. The food we eat, the words we speak and the ingredients we use on our skin all have an impact on our health inside and out, especially our hormonal health.

4. "It's Not As Effective"

If you've tried C & The Moon we don’t have to convince you that clean beauty works! You don’t have to compromise your skincare routine when you make the conscious skincare switch.  
We believe good skincare should include a holistic approach for long-term benefits by tapping into natural, unprocessed ingredients that have been successfully used for centuries as medicine for the skin - like olive oil, sea buckthorn oil and castor oil (which is recommended by dermatologists as a safe yet effective treatment for uneven skin tones). These active ingredients are also not competing with yucky filler ingredients, like fragrances, to deliver more potent results with less product. Once you switch over to clean products with subtler scents and your skin detoxifies, you will continue to be drawn to the light scents and more receptive to the ways it supports your body to bring out your natural, inner beauty.

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