New Moon in Virgo

Are you ready to harness the energy of the upcoming New Moon in Virgo? Each astrological sign is a spectrum of psycho-spiritual energy with a high expression and low expression. So, while Virgo, the sign of mutable earth, is incredibly practical, grounded, and detail-oriented, it can also lean heavily on the perfectionistic side. This lunar event is your chance to get organized, analyze your goals, and take action towards your dreams, without being overly critical of yourself. And with Mercury, one of the planetary rulers of this sign, stationing direct during this new moon, communication and clarity will be at an all-time high.

But that's not all – a friendly trine to Uranus, the planet of innovation and disruption, brings a wave of energy and exciting possibilities, while the opposition to Neptune, the planet of spirituality and cosmic consciousness, encourages emotional surrender. And with the positive trine to Pluto, the planet of deep and profound transformation, you'll feel empowered and strong after any setbacks.

To make the most of this energy, begin by channeling the Virgo archetypal energy of the “discerning herbalist” into all areas of your life, getting your finances in order, and confronting any challenges with a “can-do” attitude. With Uranus and Jupiter teaming up, which is great news for expansion and good fortune, now is the perfect time to develop a plan, system, and structure to maintain what is coming through into your 3D, physical realm.

Remember, this New Moon in Virgo is all about taking practical steps towards your goals while remaining grounded and connected to your intuition. Use these prompts to reflect on what changes you feel called to make in your life and how you can harness the energy of this lunar event to bring your dreams into reality.

Journal Prompts:

Here are five journal prompts to help you integrate the energy of this New Moon in Virgo and set intentions for what you desire to manifest for this next lunar cycle:

  1. What areas of my life need more organization and attention to detail? How can I use the practical energy of Virgo to address these areas?
  2. What goals do I need to analyze and refine? How can I break them down into actionable steps?
  3. What is holding me back from embracing change and innovation? How can I work with Uranian energy to disrupt old patterns and habits that could be holding me back?
  4. How can I surrender to my emotions and tap into my spiritual side? How can I use the opposition to Neptune to deepen my connection to my intuition?
  5. What setbacks have I experienced recently? How can I use the energy of Pluto to transform these challenges into opportunities for growth and empowerment?

Heather Rebecca Wilson is an Astro-Ancestral Healing Guide, Trauma-Informed Leadership Mentor, Embodied Empowerment Coach, Life Path Astrology™ Reader, and Artist. Her divine mission on this planet is to empower female-bodied "cycle-breakers" to alchemize deep ancestral wounds into creative potential and shifts to higher consciousness with the help of astrology and pleasure as transformative medicine. She's been fascinated with astrology her whole life and became a certified Life Path Astrology™ Reader in 2020. Click here to download her FREE ebook, Navigating The Cosmos: A Cycle-Breaker's Guide To Astrology Basics.

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