The Power of Exfoliation

Our bodies are always communicating with us and it’s important to listen.  Scrubbing feels so innately wonderful and with all of the benefits it is no wonder why our bodies respond so well to it. C & The Moon’s brown sugar scrub is gentler than salt-based scrubs, giving you glow, increased circulation, relaxed muscles, and baby-soft skin.

The practice of exfoliation can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians who, as documented in the ancient medical text Ebers Papyrus, used a combination of sea salt, natron, alabaster and honey to create an exfoliant. Over time, people began bathing in old wine or fermented milk in order to achieve the same coveted results: soft and even-toned skin. Since then, it has dominated self care rituals in every culture.

There are two main types of exfoliation. The first is mechanical, which consists of using an abrasive material or substance to scrub the skin. This method comes in the form of a tool (like a brush) or a substance (like salt) that loosens and helps to shed the outer layer of cells. The second is chemical, which includes acidic substances (AHAs and enzymes) that can be applied as an agent to the body. Both methods induce desquamation: the process of removing the outer layers of the skin, and both methods can result in soft, glowing skin.

Here are some of the benefits of a full body exfoliation and scrubbing:

  1. One of the most obvious benefits is the unclogging of pores. By scrubbing away dead cells you remove any surface debris that has congested the skin. As a result, problems like whiteheads and blackheads become less likely to occur. When pores are unclogged and the skin has been removed of build up, it also allows for other supportive skincare products to penetrate the skin better. 
  1. Exfoliation aids in lymphatic drainage by increasing blood circulation. In particular, dry brushing assists with this process by stimulating muscle motion. As a result, toxins can be drained and processed out of the body.  Hormones can also be rebalanced. Lymphatic drainage is also believed to help with cellulite and stretch marks, and because it aids in full body detoxification it can help strengthen and support our immune system.
  1. Massage and touch in general promote the production of Oxytocin. Also known as the the love hormone, Oxytocin is a powerful neurotransmitter that plays a role in promoting the feelings of trust and empathy, while reducing stress and anxiety throughout the body. It supports feelings of attachment in relationships, and plays an essential role for mothers during pregnancy, both during birth and in postpartum. Did you know Oxytocin increases a mother’s milk supply? Touch is one of the many ways one can promote Oxytocin production in our bodies. Taking the time to scrub yourself, or the one you love, is more than just skincare.

Our favorite way to exfoliate is, of course, with our hero product, The Malibu Made Body Scrub. After you've completed your shower routine, rub the scrub from head to toe in circular motions toward your heart to reap the rewards of lymphatic drainage, Oxytocin production, and the removal of dead skin, while leaving your skin clean with lasting hydration. The fact that the food-grade vanilla in our formula will leave your newly soft skin smelling like a cookie doesn't hurt either. Pick up a jar and see for yourself!

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