C & The Moon was founded on the belief that the way we care for ourselves has a direct impact on how we care for our planet. 



I started making skincare products in my kitchen in Malibu as a young girl. My mother, an environmental activist, was aware of the lack of regulation of personal care products in the US and knew that endocrine disruptors and other toxic chemicals were widely used in skincare. As I grew up, she steered me away from conventional, mass-produced makeup and nail polish. Instead, we made our own in our kitchen with natural and organic ingredients. All that home experimentation led me to create my first product, The Malibu Made Body Scrub.

This homemade body scrub became my go-to gift for friends and family. When I moved to New York to attend NYU my homemade body scrub was a game-changing relief for my dry, sensitive skin during my first East Coast winter.

In 2016, I graduated from NYU with a degree in alternative medicine & the mind-body connection and I moved back to LA. There, I became certified as a birth doula, supporting parents through the journey of pregnancy, birth & postpartum.

“Working with newborns, I saw firsthand how the skin, our largest organ, takes in information from the environment around us and how the human body is itself a delicate ecosystem."

I also learned that there’s an average of 200 manmade chemicals found in the cord blood of newborns, many of which are used in the manufacture of personal products and absorbed through our skin.

In 2018, friends and fans of the scrub encouraged me to bring the product to market and C & The Moon was born!



The name C & The Moon is inspired by my namesake Rachel Carson: an environmentalist, ecologist & writer whose book Silent Spring is credited for advancing the environmental movement of the 1960’s. Rachel Carson wrote about our ecosystem and the symbiotic nature of The Sea & The Moon in another book: The Sea Around Us.

“The next time you stand on a beach at night, watching the moon’s bright path across the water, and the conscious of the moon-drawn tides, remember that the moon itself may have been born of a great tidal wave of earthly substance, torn off into space. And remember if the moon was formed in this fashion, the event may have had much to do with shaping the ocean basins and the continents as we know them.”

–Rachel Carson



I strongly believe that we are only as healthy as the environment around us and that the discussion around clean beauty must always take into consideration what is most important: the preservation of our natural world.

In 2019 I became the co-chair of the NRDC Los Angeles Leadership Council, an organization that brings together scientists and lawmakers to defend environmental policy and regulations. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) works to safeguard the earth - its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends. C & The Moon donates a portion of proceeds to the NRDC. We also do our part to minimize plastic waste by packaging our products in reusable glass jars & recycled paper packaging. We source organic ingredients whenever possible and always formulate with integrity.

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