At-Home Reiki

Just for today
I will not worry 
I will not anger 
I am grateful 
I will practice compassion with myself and all beings 
I will practice diligently
~ The five principles of Reiki 

What does it mean to live this way for a day? What does it take? Is it even possible? Some questions are best answered by immediate experience.

When I find myself curious about something or someone, that usually means my heart knows this experience holds an opportunity for personal growth, whether in the form of healing or a lesson. And are lessons not catalysts for us to grow? 

Just like meditation, and the secret in Reiki is meditation, Reiki meets me exactly where I am. It reminds me of my true nature. 

It will show me the parts of myself that need attention. The parts of myself that need more love. And I realize that I hold the power of compassion, the key to healing, within myself. I can practice Reiki as hands-on healing on another person, or myself. I call the hands-on practice on self or others somatic meditation, as it brings awareness to the places in our body where we hold stress, trauma, and wisdom.

While Reiki attunements are an essential element in order to become a Reiki practitioner, if this practice calls you, you can begin to bring it into your life immediately.

Devote this practice to yourself by cultivating a simple 5-10 minute meditation practice:

  1. Sit in stillness in a comfortable seat (crosslegged, if this is possible) with your eyes closed.
  2. Rest your hands on your legs with palms facing upwards towards the ceiling.
  3. Connect with your breath. Lengthen inhales and exhales while noticing the subtle sensations in your body.
  4. End the mediation with your hands in “prayer” position - hands meeting at chest level. Stay in this pose for about a minute, feeling the sensation between your palms and place an intention in your heart (this can be related to the five principles of Reiki).
  5. Optional: Turn on soft, slow, and relaxing instrumental music (one of my current favorites Dream 1 by Max Richter). Then comfortably lay down on your back (you can add a rolled-up blanket under your knees to release low back tension). As you are lying on the floor (bed, or sofa), close your eyes and relax your body. Then bring hands up to your face and cover your eyes gently with your palms. Rest in this position for 5 minutes. Then rest your hands on chest for another 5 minutes. Then over your lower belly for another 5 minutes.
  6. After you rested your hands on your lower belly, slowly raise them to your heart/chest level and bring them once more into “prayer” pose (palms touching), sensing the presence of gratitude for your body and your heart, which has lead you to this practice.

Note: you cannot do this wrong - trust your hands and your bodies wisdom.

Lara Elliott is an acupuncturist, Reiki and meditation teacher. With her previous career in fashion, she considers creative expression an essential element for healing and wellbeing. Her meditation practices are rooted in Zen Buddhism and the Kundalini yoga tradition. In the last four years she has shared the practice of Reiki with hundreds of students. Her private practice and trainings are held at her private residence in Los Angeles. Virtual one-on-one and Community Sessions can be booked via her website

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