Taurus Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

The total Lunar Eclipse, a Full Moon in Taurus, comes exact on November 8, bringing the season’s Eclipse cycle to a close. Conjunct Uranus and on the North Node, this lunation signals a major turning point that offers unexpected redirection and opportunities to embrace transformation to take a quantum leap forward.

Much of the last twelve months has been activating us to upgrade our standards to reflect a deeper sense of self-worth, revealing what we care about, what challenges us most and how we use our resources to meet our needs. This Full Moon is the opportunity to root these learnings deep within so that we can show up more fully for the world we dream to create. It calls on us to consider: what becomes possible if we all live fully knowing how valuable we are?

This is the time to listen to the whispers, clarify and align to your values, cultivate the courage to surrender and turn towards the life that is appearing so clearly in front of you.

Keep in mind with Eclipse months: What is meant to happen often will. This is not energy for manifesting or forcing change, but for steadiness, honesty, and simplifying distraction so that you can be open to see the wisdom and truth of new directions.

Conscious breath, slow movement, yoga nidra, gratitude, nature, and practices that resource your nervous system are all medicine for this Taurus Eclipse. There is no better time to utilize your tools to stay present and open to what’s unfolding.

Taurus Full Moon Ritual

Create a sacred space for yourself that incorporates all of your senses: a cozy fall drink, yummy candle, soft blankets (we love a cuddle in one of Olive & Linen's Turkish throws - get 20% off with code CARSON20) and pillows, soothing ambient music, and anything else that grounds and nourishes you. Let the scene transport you within as you notice your breath and find center within your heartspace.

Spend several minutes cultivating a feeling of gratitude or appreciation. Allow this feeling to expand from your heart until it encompasses your whole body and then your entire space.

As you open yourself to receive, also welcome a space for anything that is too dense or doesn’t serve your highest path to fall away. With every exhale, practice letting go with grace, creating space for new life to root within your grateful heart. With every inhale, open yourself to receive insights and clarity. Close with 3-5 minutes journaling your stream-of-consciousness.

Julien Elizabeth guides deeply feeling individuals to live with more grace, confidence and freedom. Through astrology, yoga nidra, embodiment practices and depth coaching she creates a space to explore the heart with courage, strength and curiosity. She offers individual consults and coaching, insight sessions, group mentorship and lunar-aligned events and retreats.

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