5 Things That Clean Beauty & Sustainable Alcohol Have In Common

I have been a sustainable food activist for the past 10 years. So why did I start an alcohol company? The truth: I couldn’t find an alcohol brand that shared my values and desire for transparency, so I started Anytime Spritz, a farm-to-can cocktail business. I knew that all alcohol started from an agricultural product- most people know that wine is made of grapes but we don’t know what spirits like vodka, gin, or whiskey are made of. And the truth is they can be made of a variety of crops like corn, wheat, grapes- even oranges! So I ventured out to build a transparent and sustainable alcohol company that brings the farm-to-table ethos into the alcohol industry.

5 Things that Clean Beauty & Sustainable Alcohol have in common

We care about ingredient transparency!:

  • It is not required for alcohol to list ingredients! The government agency that regulates alcohol, the TTB, regulates tobacco, firearms and tobacco. So while alcohol is a beverage to me- similar to food– it falls under a different agency that doesn’t require ingredient transparency! We should know what we’re putting in our bodies - every ingredient - just like we do with food and even beauty products. Clean-label alcohol begins with knowing what ingredients are in your products.

We care about clean ingredients in our alcohol & our beauty products:

  • Anytime Spritz avoids and sources 100% of ingredients direct from farms. Look for ingredients you know and would have in your kitchen.

We’re driving towards organic:

  • Only 1% of all alcohol is organic, and this should change! Just as organic ingredient beauty products are becoming more available – we need to look for organic wine, beer, and spirits. Anytime has also launched the world’s first-ever Regenerative Organic Certified Farmhouse Vodka & Gin

Women-run businesses are driving innovation:

  • Women are creating small businesses to build the products we wanted and couldn’t find – clean labels of everyday self-care products that we wanted for ourselves. What we put in and on our bodies changes how we feel and the clean-label revolution is here!

Designed so you feel AMAZING tomorrow!:

  • Using C & The Moon Malibu Made Body Scrub at night leaves you waking up with soft, supple skin the next morning. When ordering a drink I suggest avoiding sugary drinks, and malt liquors to ensure you have a great morning. Anytime Spritz are crafted to have less than 4g of sugar in a cocktail vs. 12g that you may get at a bar and are low-ABV (only 5% ABV) so you can have a drink and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle 7am!

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